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Program Preparatory Boot Camps

To ensure students are ready to hit the ground running, we offer courses to help our wide variety of students prepare for course material.

These boot camp classes for students develop a basic foundational vocabulary and technical competency in preparation for the official DSA courses.

Some pre-program Boot Camps begin January 21st, 2020 to prepare for Fall Semester. They will also be offered in summer semester. Each of these boot camps will be a continually available resource for students for the entirety of the program.

Boot Camps

This course teaches participants how to program in Python, including use of auxiliary libraries in various Python ecosystems. Participants are introduced to the iPython notebooks from the SciPy ecosystem, as well Python’s use across the spectrum of data science courses and topics. Many activities are focused on data ingestion, cleaning, manipulation, and restructuring (e.g., ETL).

This course introduces participants to the basics of database management systems and structured query language (SQL). It covers the design and development of databases, data loading, access, manipulation, and exportation. In particular, SQL is covered in detail, with brief introductions to using SQL in Python and R.

This course teaches participants how to program, perform basic statistical modeling, and basic visualization using R and RStudio. Various key libraries and ecosystems are introduced to teach participants how R is integrated across the entire data science curriculum and lifecycle.


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