Data Science & Analytics Master’s Program

2-year Executive-Style Program


1 week on campus a year


34-Credit Interactive Online Courses


Approx $17,000/year

Concentration Areas

Data Science is a unique area of study and requires a tailor-made approach to fit each field. Mizzou’s Data Science & Analytics MS multi-disciplinary program focuses on the concentration areas that best fit your company and career.


Training the next generation of the world’s leading geospatial & location-driven focused data scientists


Equips students with data analytics skillsets to process, mine, and interpret large-scaled genomics and medical records

High-Performance Computing

Focus on the data intelligence businesses need and immerse yourself in Big Data computational ecosystems emphasis

Human-Centered Design for Data

Foundations & hands-on experience of methods & components of the information lifecycle & its impact on technical & social data analytics

Data Journalism / Strategic Communication

Gain cutting-edge knowledge of data strategies & analytics in a dynamic and competitive field.
Develop in-depth knowledge to assemble consumer data & design strategies and fulfill diverse data responsibilities

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