For Professionals who want to become Data Science Leaders in their company and career

Get a data science degree to advance your career.

The University of Missouri’s Data Science and Analytics MS degree equips non-technical professionals from diverse fields to turn big data into smart data. Our faculty uses their real-world experience to teach the latest advances in data science, visualization and analytics. Using an intentional approach to data science, this degree will give you specialized tools to solve problems using data, not math. Our online program gives you the unique opportunity to study from home without forfeiting the classroom connection. This program is centered around your goals and we will give you the knowledge to achieve them.

Designed to help companies in any industry solve their complex data problems

Develop the people who already understand your data.

Your employees already know your business’ data. Using the University of Missouri’s Data Science and Analytics MS degree will give your team the power to pull the value out of your company’s data using the most advanced tools available to Data Scientists . Graduates will have an understanding of ethics, security, modern data analytics, statistical analytics, database platforms, and more. Additionally, students will receive advanced training in a chosen Emphasis Area aimed at their career. Your employees will not only be able to understand your business’ data, but they will be able to effectively communicate the information to a broad audience.

Hands On Training


Each spring students will come to campus at the University of Missouri-Columbia for one week, with expenses paid as a component of tuition. During this week, students should expect a week-long, intensive application of the core curriculum covered during the first year. The week will also involve the execution of a project from beginning to end. In the second year, students are expected to showcase capstone designs and participate in a week-long, intensive collaboration with industry partners.