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Student Testimonials

My interest has always been in applications that help users make better decisions about the organization. I wanted to take that to the next level. There is the Industry Advisory board composed of CTO,s VP’s and other executives at top data- driven companies. They tell us what they value most and our faculty teach us to satisfy industry needs.
Jacky Zhao
DSA Master’s Student
My hard skills with programming languages, Python, R, Sequel, have all taken hard leaps since joining the program. The professors take time to make sure we are all understanding everything. The Mizzou DSA program has been influential in the current life in the direction I want to take professionally.
Matt Snively
DSA Master’s Student
I’ve been in Journalism for 18 years and you have to figure out what is next… There is an abundance of data and no one knows what to do with it. I’m learning how to handle these big data sets and sort them out. Having these coding and knowledge of data is widely applicable across a bunch of industries. I am excited to see what happens.
Eileen Joyce
DSA Master’s Student

This is something I can do as a totally non-technical person… The program has been very eye-opening and challenging in a positive way. I have learned so much in such a short period of time. I really owe that to this program… to changing the entire trajectory of my life. I am so grateful for that.
Stephanie Cane
DSA Master’s Student
One Students's Journey.

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Posted by University of Missouri Master of Data Science & Analytics Program on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Posted by University of Missouri Master of Data Science & Analytics Program on Friday, June 2, 2017
I know there are probably a lot of people like me that are looking into this program and thinking, can I do it? I would say the faculty made this really accessible to us.

Upon graduation the DSA program allowed me to easily transition into a full-time role at the U of MO in enrollment research. I was immediately able to jump in and provide support to the growth of the institution.
Renee Henderson
DSA Master’s Graduate

Faculty Testimonials

The program is geared for anyone who uses data in their daily working environment…. It will teach them the data management skills, how to analzye the data, how to transform the data and build value for their company.
Grant Scott
Program Director, University of Missouri Master’s of Data Science

One of the advantages of our program is that students will be working with other students from around the world… these folks will be an important part of the network you build throughout this program. The other network you will build is with our very strong Industry Advisory Board made up of industry leaders in data-focused companies. These connections will help students today and in their future careers.
Sean Goggins
Former Program Director, University of Missouri Master’s of Data Science
With access to technology, there is more access to big data so it is more important for people to study data and data structures.
Sijae Schiefer
Teaching Assistant, University of Missouri Master’s of Data Science

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