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Data Science & Analytics Graduate Certificate Program

The DSA certificate program is a look into the core curriculum of Data Science. Advanced Big Data and Analytics tools and techniques are used throughout the program coursework. Courses are delivered online or on campus.

We are currently working on approval for additional certificates in Geospatial Analytics and Health Data Science.

The program is designed for professionals who want to use data to enhance decision making and outcomes.

Core courses include:

  • DATA SCI 7010 Introduction to Data Analytics
  • DATA SCI 7020 Statistical and Mathematical Foundations for Data Analytics
  • DATA SCI 7040 Big Data Visualization
  • Elective – one Data Science course from the list below
    • DATA SCI 7030 Database and Analytics OR
    • DATA SCI 8010 Data Analytics from Applied Machine Learning

At the conclusion of the Graduate Certificate in Data Science and Analytics, students will:

  1. Have experience in applying state-of-the-art data science tools and techniques to solve industry, academic, and/or business data and decision-making challenges.
  2. Have a comprehensive understanding of modern data analytics, statistical analysis, and visualization tools that facilitate timely, large data analysis.
  3. Be able to effectively communicate to a broad audience the relevant information derived from large data collections using a variety of visualization and presentation methods.
  4. Understand the fundamental and advanced statistical and mathematical principles upon which advanced data analysis techniques are built.

Program Requirements

Students will gain experience through solving real-word Big Data issues.

Required Credits (12 Hours)

  • 9 Credit Hours of Data Science Core Curriculum
  • 3 Credit Hour Elective – either DATA SCI 7030 or 8010

Taking the Next Step in Data Science

Large scale data represents opportunity in nearly every field of advanced study. The graduate certificate in data science and analytics from MU will help you understand the full spectrum of the science and how it can help you make better decisions. If you want to see how data science can help inform and develop future leaders, this may be the certificate for you.

This program was designed for:

  • Working professionals who deal with data in their business and have institutional support for data science education.
  • Doctoral students of anthropology, biotechnology, business, computer science, geography, geospatial science or related fields.

“The goals of each student vary as widely as their backgrounds and experience. They are professionals that all see the value of data-driven analysis and will each use these new skills to complement their areas of expertise.”

Renee Henderson
DSA Class of ’18


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