Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the Masters of Data Science at the University of Missouri:


What are admission requirements?
A letter of interest is required along with a copy of your transcript.
Does this program qualify for financial aid?
Financial Aid is determined through the Student Financial Aid Office. Please contact them directly for all applicable programs available to you. Three out of four MU graduate students receive some form of financial aid.

What are the deadlines for admission?

Enrollment deadline is April 19th.

Can I change interest areas after I’m accepted?

Yes, you are not locked into an interest area when you are accepted.

Program Information

What is the MU Institute for Data Science and Informatics?

The Masters of Data Science is housed in the MU Institute for Data Science and Informatics (MUIDSI)  serves as nexus of interdisciplinary collaborations bridging numerous MU colleges and schools, including the College of Engineering, the School of Medicine, School of Journalism, and School of Information Science and Learning Technologies.  The program has trained many Informatics Ph.D’s since its inception, and also serves as the parent of the MU DSA MS program.

How does learning actually work?
  • Students are actively engaged as a cohort with instructors. 
  • Courses integrate JupyterHub with Canvas and GitHub
  • All code is by example, so you are never left to figure it out yourself. 
  • Many interesting data sets, and an open door to bring your own.
How are you going to squeeze 34 credits into two years?
  • Courses are staggered in 8 week chunks over the semester, so you are never in more than two courses at a time.
  • The courses are designed to work together. So, what you learn in one course is built on in the next.
  • Having a cohort based program gives students peer support during the program period, which is demonstrated to lower stress and increase learning.
What kinds of technology does a student need to own?
  • The main requirement is a good internet connection.
  • Most of the software used in the program is hosted at the University of Missouri.
When does Boot Camp Start
  • The Boot Camps begin January 21st 2020.  It is essential you apply early so that you are ready to do the boot camps and put yourself in the best position to take on Big Data. 

Executive Session

When is the executive session on campus?

The executive session on campus will be held late March 15-20 2020. 

Is attendance at the executive session on campus required?

Attendance is required for online and on campus Master’s students for the one week on campus training per year.

When do we need to arrive?
Students must arrive at the hotel by Sunday afternoon to participate in a meet and greet that evening.
Where does executive week take place?
Executive week is held on the University of Missouri’s Columbia Campus.
Are accommodations and meals provided?
Accommodations and some meals are provided during the executive sessions.
Are students responsible for their own travel expenses?
Students are responsible for their own travel to Columbia, Missouri.
Will students have free time?
Minimal free time is provided as the days are packed with seminars and activities. If a student wishes to stay for a longer visit they will be responsible for their own expenses.
Can my dietary needs be accommodated?
Program staff will do their best to accommodate dietary concerns, however please notify us in advance of any special requirements.
What will an average day be like?

Each day students have a power-packed day of instructions, data labs team activities and presentations.  

Five Ways to Contact the DSA Program

Adrianna Wheeler

DSA – Academic Advisor

241 Naka Hall
(573) 882-6077

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