How Does Learning Actually Work?

  • Students are actively engaged as a cohort with instructors.
  • Courses integrate JupyterHub with Canvas and GitHub.
  • All code is by example, so you are never left to figure it out yourself.
  • Many interesting data sets, and an open door to bring your own.

How are we going to squeeze 34 credits into two years?

  • Courses are staggered in 8 week chunks over the semester, so you are never in more than two courses at a time.
  • The courses are designed to work together. So, what you learn in one course is built on in the next.
  • Having a cohort based program gives students peer support during the program period, which is demonstrated to lower stress and increase learning.

What kinds of technology does a student need to own?

  • The main requirement is a good internet connection.
  • Most of the software used in the program is hosted at the University of Missouri.