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Biotechnology Program Overview

The University of Missouri’s Data Science and Analytics MS Biotechnology Emphasis equips students with data analytics skill sets to process, mine, and interpret large-scaled genomics and medical records for biotechnology and healthcare industry.


The course provides a complete overview of the domain knowledge, technical skills and applications of genomics commonly used in industry. Students will review biological and technological foundations for genomics, and explore BLAST, HMM and other biological database search methods. Biological programming tools will be introduced to facilitate assembly and annotation in genomics. This sets students up to use the GATK library for variant analysis, explore comparative genomics, expression analysis and methyl-seq analysis in the latter part of the course.

3 Credit Hours



Graduates of the Masters of Science in Data Science and Analytics who pursue the Biotechnology emphasis area will achieve the following educational objectives:

  • Possess an in depth understanding of the data analytics needs in biotechnology industry and healthcare systems in the US and worldwide;
  • Have the ability to practice their analytic skill sets to applications in agriculture, human medicine, and health information systems in genomics, proteomics, phonemics, and electronic medical records;
  • Be able to present and interpret their data analytic results with actionable plans in biotech and healthcare industry.

Biotechnology Faculty

Dong Xu


227 Naka Hall
(573) 882-2299

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Trupti Joshi

Assistant Professor

110 Life Sciences Center
(573) 884-3528

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Ilker Ersoy

Postdoctoral Fellow

246 Naka Hall
(573) 884-1468

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Lori Popejoy

Associate Professor

S420 Sinclair School of Nursing
(573) 884-9538

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Scott Givan

Associate Director, Core Informatics Research Facility 

113 Bond Life Science Center
(573) 882-2948

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Chi-Ren Shyu

Professor; Executive Director, DSA; Director MU Informatics Institute, Course Coordinator

241 Naka Hall
(573) 882-3884

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Sample Course Path

Students move through 8-week modules completing core courses and then progressing through emphasis area concentration courses directly applicable with their area of study.


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